Product Line

The S.M.A. LTD is a consolidated and lively entrepreneurial activity in the production and sale of automotive accumulators.
The production is MADE IN ITALY and the production plants are located in Campania, in the province of Benevento.
Founded in 1982, it boasts forty years of fruitful experience, constantly dedicated to the pursuit of innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.
Its winning market strategy, based on an excellent quality-price ratio, has allowed it to conquer the Italian market first and, in a few years, the "all over the world" foreign market.

Currently the S.M.A. commercializes, wholesale and retail, efficient and long lasting products and makes environmental respect its belief.

To this end it commits all available resources for the collection, storage and disposal of spent batteries for recycling.

The wide range of S.M.A. products covers the entire range of newly developed starter and traction batteries with the new MF Series.
The Standard Series covers all models from 40Ah to 320Ah in both DIN and JIS versions.

The new MF Series, with a lid equipped with a ramp and maze, also includes Start & Stop models, satisfying the requirements imposed by the best car manufacturers.

In our site you can find all the information about our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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