Our History

G.M.A. doesn’t just happen. It’s the happy ending to a story, our story.
It is the fruit of the love of a family, of an inseparable bond that has been handed down between generations and a strong passion that has united them: the BATTERY.
His company is successful: his battery, entirely Italian and of excellent quality, is sold and appreciated throughout Italy, Europe and Overseas.
These years have been characterized by investments in technological research, productive expansions, conquest of foreign markets, wise use of marketing tools to know and better meet the needs of its customers but above all by the desire and ambition that the dream continues to fuel the passion that every day we put in our work.
Meanwhile the daughters grow up, they work with him, they live this world loving it and they do it themselves.
They create their own company: G.M.A.
The link with the family, however, is not lost. The latter, in fact, continues to distribute the same reliable, safe and Italian product born in the eighties from the resourcefulness of his father: Salvatore Mignano.
G.M.A. present on the battery market for fifteen years now, in fact, it continues to keep alive the link with the past, with its origins, distributing the family brand: the SMA brand.

From a dream a project, from an idea an enterprise and the will to go even higher ...

Chiama Ora