G.M.A. is present on the market for about twenty years, with registered office in Naples and plant in Morcone - Benevento, it distributes a quality battery, synonymous with guarantee and reliability.
Today, it is the main distributor of a brand that boasts over forty years of presence and success on the market: SMA brand.
SMA brand has gained considerable experience in the field of accumulators for cars, industrial vehicles and light traction.

Over the years, technological adaptation and continuous quality research have allowed SMA brand to establish itself more and more in the national and global field.

Currently the complex occupies an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters of which 4000 square meters covered.

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Our Products

With an experience of over fourty years, synonymous with knowledge, quality and competitiveness of the product, SMA brand presents itself on the national and foreign market with high quality products. It covers the whole range of batteries for starting, light traction and lately has been expanded with the elements from 2V type BS.

The Standard Series covers all models from 40Ah to 320Ah including those from Asia.

Leading products are batteries for buses, industrial vehicles and tractors, which are also available in the HEAVY DUTY version. This range of products has been designed for all uses that require greater stress and require greater resistance to charge and discharge cycles.

Batteria UT per Golf car

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